Membership Perks

Become a TES Athlete and take advantage of features designed to help you become a better athlete:

- 25% discount on all training plans on our site

- Discounts on partner products

- Access to coach moderated forums

- Your own personalized account with access to features listed below:




Training Calendar

Using the calendar in your membership account you can build your own training plan, apply one of our pre-built plans, and edit that those plans as you go. 


  • Drag workouts into your calendar from our extensive workout library
  • Link your calendar with Strava
  • Apply one of our pre-built plans to your calendar and edit it to fit your ability level or time restraints
  • Enable daily emails of the workouts in your calendar




Workout & Training Plan Library

Create your own or edit a pre-built plan using the same extensive and ever growing workout library our coaches use to coach their athletes.  


  • Easily edit your training plan using our workout library
  • Easily search our workout library for workouts based on training objectives
  • Easily add & remove workouts from your calendar
  • Customize workouts from your calendar








The Pulse

See all the latest tips, articles, your social interactions, and events from The Pulse.  Utilize your own athlete dashboard for a quick glance of your workout for the day, upcoming events, athlete notes, and upcoming events.

  • View what's going on in the social world of TES via our forums or chat groups
  • View our growing list of tips and articles geared at helping you face the dynamic challenges athletes face
  • View your workouts, upcoming events, and goals








Social Community

Take advantage of our social platforms to ask our coaches and fellow members questions on training, racing, nutrition.  Meet new training mates and coordinate workouts using the social map & chat features.

  • Utilize our forum to ask our coaches and other members training related questions
  • Use our chat groups to create new discussions on an upcoming event or group workout
  • Find new training partners in your area using our social map